The successful alliance with business partners can leverage corporate resources and expedite market entry, which can then increase company’s revenue quickly. Developing and maintaining the business partnership across the border has proved to be challenging and difficult, as it requires both business and interpersonal skills at all levels.

We have deep contacts in the industry and members of our team have had relationships with most of the major pharmaceutical companies in the past.  The relationships have been built over the years through employment, consulting, and partnerships.

The alliances include technology and product acquisitions, product marketing, distribution and sales, product and raw material sourcing and supply, product development and manufacturing (CMO and CRO) agreements, and investment partnerships.

Our business alliance service includes:

  • – Business model design and market segment intelligence
  • – Strategic plan development and implementation
  • – Company and product Profiling and portfolio selection
  • – In-licensing and out-licensing
  • – Business and technical Analysis and Due Diligence
  • – Technical, legal, and Financial Services
  • – Negotiations and Deal Closure
  • – Company and Board Management